Our Story

SecureMind Ab was founded in 2019 by a team of experts with years of experience working in information security, cybersecurity consulting, penetration testing, threat research, attack modeling, cybersecurity product development and related services. We began by asking ourselves: How can we apply this knowledge to help find the blind spots? How can we help organizations measure the effectiveness of their security programs, then prioritize what actions to take to immediately improve their defenses? Now, we’ve built a cybersecurity firm that gives you complete consultation and awareness into the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls individually, and into the program as a whole. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your security investments so you can identify gaps, detecting threats, mitigate risks and improve. You can stop making assumptions and start being certain.

SecureMind Ab Culture

It’s as much about how you accomplish your work as it is about the work you accomplish. That’s why our culture is simple: work with purpose and make the most of each day. As a team we cherish curiosity and value camaraderie. We show respect for new ideas as well as the faces behind them. We’re transparent and push one another to constantly improve. But most of all, we enjoy what we do. We in SecureMind Ab support vulnerable children and families and those with special needs. This gives us the strength to make greater attempt to achieve our goals.

"Cyberattacks are still sufficient and very successful in any business sectors. On the contrary, breaches continuously occur and the same question remain! "Why"​ and How "Cyberattacks"​ happened? For constructive and concrete security evaluation always take place in order too mitigate your risk. SecureMind effective solutions are capable for safe and cost-effective assessments, enabling continuous security programs improvement."

- Amir Heidari /CISO

Our Vision

SecureMind Ab was founded to bring certainty and visibility to your enterprise security program. We saw the rising cost of vulnerability and knew that a new approach was needed. As a result, we developed the only platform that delivers continuous, comprehensive visibility into the effectiveness of enterprise security tools, processes and people. It’s our ongoing mission to help organizations reduce risk while finding peace of mind. In order for us to achieve our vision, we intend to build a very high secure business structure. We have been certified for ISO 27001:2013 Information security management systems [ISMS]: certifications to ensure GDPR preparedness. ISO27001 (ISMS) helps organizations in managing risks to the privacy of personal data and implementing necessary policies, procedures, and controls to help ensure compliance with data protection legislation. The ISO27001 (ISMS) standard is aligned with the principles and data subject rights at the core of GDPR.