Optimize your security program to align with industry best practices


The Cyber Security Maturity Assessment focuses on specific controls that protect critical organizational assets, infrastructure, applications, and collective data by assessing organizations’ implicit comportment. The assessment also emphasizes operational best practices for each control area, as well as the organizational effectiveness and maturity of internal policies and procedures. The CSMA can be tailored to align with several different recognized cybersecurity control sets and frameworks based on organizational goals, industry and maturity levels. Organizations’ assessment will be conducted by our resident Advisory Services experts with over 20 years of experiences across different areas of security and compliances. SecureMind ensures accurate planning for organizations’ future demands.

SecureMind CISO Services Offerings:

  • An assessment of organization’s current maturity
  • Investigate thoroughly and proficiency of client’s specific threats
  • Anticipate relevant recommendations for future improvement
  • Key tactical and strategic recommendations
  • Identified gaps and focus areas
  • Attribute comprehensive report to assist management

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment and Retroactive Constructive Implementation
SecureMind Accurate System Inspection, offer outstanding and provide quality services, for organizational needs and demands