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SOC as a Service Can Help

Businesses can solve many of these challenges by subscribing to a managed SOC as a Service program. SOC-as-a-Service can be beneficial across the spectrum of SOC requirements including environments that need to fill specific cybersecurity staffing, technology or process gaps all the way to organizations that need assistance across an entire cybersecurity program.Based on an extensive repository of use cases, years of experience, and unparalleled ability to write custom connectors, we integrate with your existing detection technology. In the absence of existing detection technologies, we architect the best placements for detection capabilities. We place one or more appliances on your network with capabilities such as centralized logging, intrusion detection, and active response.Throughout the engagement, SecureMind will continue to keep you updated with not just attacks against your network, but other valuable security intelligence for you and your organization. As attacks and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace, our team of renowned experts will provide additional recommendations on upgrades to your SIEM.

Manage Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a critical component of any ‘defense in depth’ approach to information security. A primary objective of building an effective MDR program is the development and ongoing effort to put in place proactive network security that includes the required people, process and technologies required to ensure proper protection of critical IT assets from cyber threats. Unfortunately, many companies have tried and failed building their MDR program in-house for many reasons including the high cost of acquiring required security technologies. Also, companies are challenged with the task of hiring and maintaining qualified security staff to install, configure, and maintain the security solutions in use to achieve the objective of MDR.



  • 1) 24×7 security event monitoring of endpoints, users, and network activity
  • 2) Suspicious event investigation and more accurate alert notifications
  • 3) Correlation of EDR events with Threat Intelligence IoCs
  • 4) Correlation of EDR events with device and user suspicious behavior analysis

SM-ESP Enterprise Security Planning V2.0

All-in-one Security Management Solution

SM-ESP Starts with intelligent online self-evaluation surveys. Respondents answers to specified questions based on cybersecurity standard you choose, respondents’ weight, organizational chart.

Why SecureMind Services?

SecureMind provides customized managed security solutions to fit your company’s unique security posture, budget and timeline.

  • Analysis and triage
  • Analysis of malicious code
  • Root cause analysis
  • Recommendation for control modifications

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