Secure the Unknown Threat

Prevent Network Threats

Whether leveraging malware or existing tools environment to float across organizations’ network, advanced cyber threat actors are cunning; future success depends on stealth. Detecting and identifying the scope of advanced threats in environment is cumbersome, requiring specialized resources and budget. Without specifically designed intelligence, tools and expertise, IT security personnel may be unable to take intelligent decision. The “Targeted Threat Hunting” service is a comprehensive and intensive investigation of environment to identify indications of hidden adversaries. Our team of elite security experts brings decades of combined experience countering targeted adversary tradecraft. This human intelligence along with our proprietary hunting technology arms us to identify the presence of compromises and entrenched threat actors operating in organizations’ network.

Our Approach

Our security experts collect data from organizations’ environment and use a battery of hunting tools and proprietary hunting technology for secure environment scanning.

Our researchers and incident response consultants screen for threat indicators across organization firewalls, DNS and proxy servers. Utilizing our proprietary Threat Intelligence, our experts may scan endpoints such as servers, desktops, laptops, for indicators of an adversary’s presence.

When a threat is detected, our experts will perform an in-depth analysis. Leveraging our unmatched visibility into the threat landscape across 4,400 clients. The SecureMind Platform can build context on the threat. This context provides insights into its tools, purpose, origin and possibly the agent behind the threat.

Comprehensive Security Platform SM-Hunter

SM-Hunter provides a security solution capable of monitoring infrastructure, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), detecting threats, intrusion attempts, system anomalies, poorly configured applications and unauthorized user actions. It also provides a framework for incident response and regulatory compliance.

A targeted threat hunting engagement provides you:
  • Unparalleled visibility and intelligence that outsmarts the adversary
  • Faster recovery time that reduces impact to your organization, when a threat actor is identified
  • Recommendations for enhancing the security of your network to eliminate gaps for cyber threats to enter

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