Detects and classifies security vulnerabilities in the in infrastructure (OWASP) (WASC)

Vulnerability Testing, also known as Vulnerability Assessment, is a process that detects and classifies security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure

In light of the recent hacking incidents, more and more companies find application vulnerability testing and assessment important. They seek security mechanisms that exceed beyond the traditional infrastructure limit. If you analyze some of the recent incidents, they were imminent. Think about it. We are putting applications everywhere. It changes the way conduct business today for better, but have we ignored weaknesses for far too long? We must realize that applications, like most technologies, are vulnerable or will be vulnerable sometime in the future. And if the hackers find that before you, business will take a hit. In fact, as applications become deeply integrated into the business process, risk has already grown. Don’t take our word for it

Vulnerability Testing can be categorized in the following steps:

  • Defining the goals or objectives of the process
  • Gathering all the required information
  • Testing application
  • Reporting
  • Remediation Support
  • Virtual Patch

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